Friday, December 31, 2010

Monday, August 31, 2009

Canopus Secondi

Nasty little cheese dumplings in a white wine reduction sauce spilt upon the pavement near the curb inside the city on a planet orbiting a massive C class sun near its lifetime maxiumum valance derivived energy output. That's what happens nearly 153 light years from here. Nearest I can tell. The optics are a bit fuzzy, the quantum flux a bit hazy, but good enough that you can tell teh things which are not quite tomatoes are quite like tomatoes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fall Line

AC is a centralized distribution system.

DC is localized.

Like databases, source control, food production and culture.

Home solar = DC to AC to DC for electronics < candlelight.

Self-encrypting, replicating and repairing software distribution is indistinguishable from a sentient being when perfected. Don't think too hard about it. We'll make more.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Foriegn Rule

I hear roamins grumbling in the fields and for some days the world rules the depth of the foreign neights. Thing is something akin to the depth of humanity can touch the edge of experience and color the experience of all. Nearly like rainbows colored in primary and secondary colors only to realize that it's all reflected light in the waters of the deluge. Turncoats against the tides of time, into the history and future aspirations of each and beyond the reach of then living and now dreamt of lives. Taht's the way and the tao, or as the water is and flows into places where it is not the being of water. water. Taken aback a docile guinea pig draws the line in the sand, forcing the king into capitulation... and another day of sunrise and sets ends the same yet for the king and the pig its akin to a reality of indifference but yea, drums beat in the night for each. close close close your eyes explain nothing and that is that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Twisted inside of tubes of electronic warfare resides the ethereal dj-iNn of djance moves. The kind of obsidian sable coated lackluster noodle enwrapped delights that you'd find in a lower bovine intestine on a feedlot. Yet without redeeming qualifications and masterstrokes of impropriety its doubtful that this collusion of electronica/fusion/expresso/jane fonda/taffy would amount to nearly anything at all. Despite this the soildiers soldier on into something which could only be best described as something. Not to say that what should not be said but is implied isn't fit for spoken oratory or outward expression of this sort, but best left only inside ones own mind. This cannot be said. This should not be said. That said, we shall bite them on the nether reaches, we shall spite them on demand, we shall delite them on air, we shall never surrender.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Still Forest

a Tree a grain. a beach a forest. a link to the edge.

waves leaves and times. just like back home...

click more, read more, consume more.

times leaves waves.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Deemed Safe

Mirrors seem safe enough. Walls walls full of mirrors. Until you decide that your big conan sword was too heavy to wear to work this morning and next thing you know you're standing there with some daemons and such chasing you, deadly fog trying to snuff you out and no way to break a mirror. Unless riddles are like your thing and the mirror also happens to like them and you riddle it until it don't riddle no moar and it breaks into shards of once sentient turing based silicate. Thereby something about what happens when you break a mirror and how your luck has turned bad for some number of odd number of years springs to mind. No matter, we've got a pouch full of slugs, a salt-shaker and ladder in the back. Climb to the top, shake salt on your wounds, feed those slugs to the last remaining daemon. Then reaping the benefits of your demonic proffering use their diabolical powers to reverse the temporal damage and return said mirrors back to sand. That way it'll simply be a desert covered in dunes with a satiated djinn laughing at his cleverness. Jokes on him though. Everybody knows you can make more mirrors, but who can make more desserts... Charles Karalt. That's who.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thats Right Barcelona

Nearly neighbors they are. Nearest even. In the path between each moment there is the bacon. Meat and matter; matter made of meat. Nearly between and apart they are. As the matter does not meet. Neither does the neighbors, or the bacon, or the tics, or the steps, or the links, or the stairs, or the tocks. Since what's left inside clocks is amatter & a scatter of randomized static coalescing into your neighbors. Neighbors nearly they are, unbound.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Forward

Nearest edge of forest, as it is told.

About where the fire burnt and the blackness now rests.

Those trees there. Them that learnt it. To drop their leaves during winter.

Those in summer to raise it all up again.

Quite distinct, life it is, a different way of fighting.

Seasons could grind nearly. Now it simply helps to bring the dawn and dark on a yearly cycle.

Fruit basket.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Human Services

Phantoms decide fates and Hades lurk amongst Stygian choices. Full lotus inside a land of freedom. Highways of thought following cars of awareness into a tell-tale dark. Hercules sitting in a stable clear. And a river runs through it.

Rotyer Daiz

One thing they got is Winchel's and some kind of burger type deal which is pretty good considering the rest of the place. Turns out though nothing offsets a good case of california quite like a musequero raindance during a rare west coast thunderstorm. Nearly nested , loopy even. Unoptimized for someones optimizational pleasure.

Monday, February 02, 2009


The warming half-light of Christmas morning revealed to me a wonderfully shiny brand-new toaster. A glorious aluminum box just waiting to be used for heating breads and bread shaped products. For awhile things were great. One day, or rather late afternoon an insta-grilled cheese sandwich was prepared using it. Another day, just plain toast. Yet another evening found it being used for late night waffles. Such is the use and times of an average toaster, in an average home, in an average city, state and country. Which is to say this was one very very special toaster. A toaster with its own tale to tell. For in the telling the toaster became something much much more, it became a memory. From memory it descended into fable and thence unto myth. At which point like a Mastodon browsing upon the Northern American Serengeti it passed out of time completely. Thus is cheese and Mastodons are thus.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Compressed Weather

Clever indeed feathered friend. Nearly like BigBird and the Keyhole. Not like the KH-X series really were all that much more than an oversized optical magic trick, but a pretty pure little trick nontheless. Stormy, like relationships out west. Crawling, dawning into a place of unrequeted hazy pure aprehension and apathy. Nearly so, but not like that, at least in the sense that those in need any better than the flow of hot to cold and wind gradients spilling off the mountains into the plains. Despite this all the best.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Roll Roll Roll

Pork tamales could nearly be the perfect food outside the near eastern muslim/vegan culinary hegemony. Inside of course spiced lentils rein supreme. Northerly is land of muselix and nuts. Mostly the boreal kind, walnuts, acorns, pecans and the like. Westerly lie a land of many hats a tricorn inspiration to those with uncovered heads and poor fashion sense. Watch, learn, buy, become a confident, successful person, unafraid of glaring sun, squalking birds, or disapproving peers. Take the frost, hoar or note, crystallized patterns fractally presented upon plate glass. And here, is a place where a soothing throat lozenge may find not only purchase, but a premium.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

feed live

One thing about portable breathalizers, they can be easy to lose when intoxicated. Loss of hand eye coordination, shyness, inhibitions and short term memory lapses each play a part in the resulting disappearance of the very device designed to identify and help prevents both its own loss and the aforementioned systems. Nearly enough however, is what can be told from a tale of individual twins with kleptomaniacal tendencies. In such times and places not only one, but two alcohawks may go missing nearly simultaneoulsy. Which is somewhat awkward when attempting to serve the hor de'oureves prior to the main course of braised rack of lamb. Instead, what happens is antipasta may appear. HOrribly enticing if you're into cultural fusion and the culinary train wrecks which follow with such regualar and predicatable frequency. What, wait is this thing on? Somebody get that tape.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


truth is when it comes across. what's free is free, and yet everything has its price. ravens may crow and dogs may dog your steps, and yet turquoise inlays never ring thrice. this is the highway yet easy for cars it is not. fences work the same both day and night, yet jails loom larger in the darkness. spring could be nearly arriving, yet the doorway leads to summer. someday. you can choose, the wind shall blow. regardless.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Aster Relief

Raster grief? That's something I seen once inside the crashed RAM cells of my soon to be deceased video card. Congesting? Hardly. That would be something best left to over-the-counter cold medicines stocked at the local strip mall pharmaceutical outfit. Something you'd find near the pain-killers, cough-suppressants and buffered analgesics. Near abouts to the vicinity of a well placed pan-galactic traveling towel. Now the question being, was it a sentient Aster, or whale. Or all together something else, a marigold perhaps? Certainly not a sunflower. That would be both a restaurant and an art themed interlude in a career of an otherwise insane artist suffering bouts of remorse due to a lack of societal acceptance. Though really that could be why non-prescription drugs are found all over the world these days. Last I checked prescription pharmacies don't stock towels and what's a traveler to due? Shop at two stores and then be bothered to skip the system? Ha, things should and have progressed further. These days it's one hop to the strip mall for a towel, medicinal remedies and even more optimistically a bouquet of plastic Asters. Now that's how I spell reflief, a bit of non-congesting flowers, a good towel and a host of cheaply available sugar coated drugs in multi-colored shells. Mmmm and mmmm.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

GV aka VG

Thieves use listerine? Why exactly is house robbery something requiring one to care about halitosis? Why does the sunshine shine? Only the bees know for sure.


Saturday, December 06, 2008


too much of so cal -?- git yerself sum antidote

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here there be

a dragon, oh dear, a dragon. Instead of red, gold or black, these are rant, rave and whine. Apparently not ironic however. The entire post would have been blank. Or is that truth. Ironic would be reading it and watching it turn blank. Perhspas it's a magical ironic truth dragon. The kind I found last Thursday night near the entrance to Radio-Shack before being re-routed to the All Batteries IN THE WORLD store in quest of CR2330. Nearly at the door this kind of thing pop up as being simple, trite and quite polite then becomes more like a half-eaten discarded scone on the sidewalk. Ants love it. Ironically they share. Truthfully I would not. Dragon dispensary that's a ticket to ride. Though before you ride. Be aware.

There are no dragons. Or are you still not drawing a blank. Half of infinity is still a pretty big number. Deck those val-halls. Don't forget to kick the wyrmm on the way out.