Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Bikes are freaky like when you ride them they force you upright. Going over sideways takes work once the rpms are up. It's like your own personal butler duo of gyroscophic helpfulness. Altogether weird though. Something is like pushing you away really hard, but that really hard is in defiance of gravity which is working really hard at pulling you back. What makes this freaky is like earth is really big and stuff and it's got it's own force from axial rotation plus gravity bundled into the mix at the same time. Like it's sorta like having two really tiny black holes (which don't really exist except for the sake of discussion) in the hub of your spokes on the wheels of your bikes. It's all trying to smash you down into it and at the same time righting you as it fights to throw you off and away. If there is like little worlds which spin really really fast so the centrifugal force and gravity are close to equal or something that would be kinda cool. maybe you'd like just float away or something. maybe like you'd have the most sweetest bike in the neighborhood then. Unlessing you lived in the country. Then it would be a dirt bike and the horses would be scared of it. They know that they cant compete with a gravimetric singularity for coolness. Now that I think though it would be bad though. Everybody would want these things on their cars so they'd be really cool and stuff. Then it wouldn't be cool. Relativity equals uncool.

DNA Coding is relatively cool.

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